Tending to house matters-Introduction

What am I even doing? A writer??? I barely took any writing classes in college, and if I did, it was to learn how to write research papers. And yet, here I am starting a blog, jeez! Now, what’s the big deal about my life? I don’t know lol. I consider myself pretty boring, and my life is not more impressive than anyone else’s. In fact, I used to not even like my own life. I mean, after losing my parents at the age of three, being raised around a family member that was physically abusive throughout all of my childhood, and being sexually abused by one of my classmates in middle school, you get the gist of why I wanted to be someone else and had the need to hide.

The thing is that in this culture, it is not that hard to hide when success is defined as having a respectable 40 hour-5 day a week job, having a big house, a family, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on these, nor am I’m saying that anyone that goes after them are messed up on the inside. These are all good things, but I believe that they become a coping mechanism when we start getting our worth from them. And so I embarked myself in the journey to be “successful,” pushing down all the stuff I didn’t want to work through, remember, or worse, have anyone know.

But something unexpected happened, something not part of the plan. During college I meet Jesus and I, or more so, we embarked in a journey to connect again with those areas of my life I was constantly pushing down and hiding, take responsibility over them, and get rid of lies I believed about myself (more on those later). And so after five years, I learned to take care of and, as cheesy as it sounds, love myself. In that same timeline, I graduated from college with a degree in animal behavior, and was on the track of becoming a full-time animal trainer. Thing is that, I also started realizing that animals were not really my thing. No disrespect to the people in this field; some of them are my closest friends and they are truly happy, I simply noticed that I liked people a lot better. And so I dared to dream again; let go of what I had worked for so hard for the possibility of something bigger. What field did I change to? I still don’t know! But I would have never even considered a change if it wasn’t for all the things that I accepted and learned about myself. And it’s completely ok to not know. “What kind of things did you learn?” you may wonder… well, that’s what this blog is about. I simply started writing to share with others how I got to this point, with the hope to empower others to be free from the things that hold them down and simply start dreaming again.

Stay tuned for more!


4 thoughts on “Tending to house matters-Introduction

  1. There was always something really especial about you!! You know I am YOUR FAMILY: family in Faith and family in Love ❤️ Very proud of you, Son of God!!! 👍🏻 Will wait for more!!! 😊


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