Saddle Up-Taking Care of Yourself

We’ve all been through seasons in which life simply gets too overwhelming. Whether you work crazy hours, deal with delicate family situations, have problems or drama in your relationships, have to study tons of hours to get good grades, or who knows what, we’ve all been pushed to want to numb; that is, forget what’s going on or escape from our situations or circumstances (for more information on numbing, view my previous post:

The problem with numbing is that you become a victim of your circumstances. Your life simply becomes reactive to what needs to be done or what’s required of you. I mean, we all have things that need to be done. Everyone has to work, because we need money to eat, pay for rent, buy stuff, feed your family, etc. Some of us need to study to get a degree, a job, or a promotion. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to put in effort to get the things that we want, but nothing is worth giving up who you are and the fun in your life. Taking care of yourself simply requires you to man-up (or woman-up lol), and take the time to do things that you want to do and will validate how you are truly feeling, aka rest. It’s kind of like pressing a reset button, where no matter what happened in the day, you are able to give yourself time to remember your motivations, cry out your frustrations, remember your dreams, laugh and have fun, express your anger, find comfort, spend time with people that you can be yourself with and will remind you of who you are, forgive people that wronged you, validate your feelings, but also, speak truth to your situations and affirm who you are. Obviously, this is going to require time… time to do things that you like doing, time to actually get to know yourself so you know what things you like doing, time to find, invite, and welcome people in your life that will call out your crap just the way it is, and time to get to know what behaviors in your life are indicators that you are numbing. This will also require a lot of initiative, courage, and love for yourself; enough so you become your biggest priority and learn what your limits are and how to say no. But believe me, there’s nothing better than learning how to take care of yourself, because that allows you to enjoy the people around you, instead of trying to get your needs meet through them.

How does taking care of yourself/rest practically look like? Well, depends on who you are. I for example, love to travel and be outdoors. Camping and hiking is in my veins, and I can’t go more than a day without at least going out for a ten minute walk. I make time to hangout and build relationship with my true friends. I like to do a couple sports, like skateboarding, surfing, or kickboxing. I’ve recently found out that I like to write, hence this blog lol. Love going to the gym, as well as reading a book in the comfort of my couch. I’m good at crafts, although I don’t do it as often. These forms of rest are the ways I can recharge my energy, have fun, process my feelings and emotions, fulfill my needs, affirm and remind myself of who I am, and keep myself motivated and focused on whatever goal or dream I’m going after. But there’s A LOT MORE. Some of my friends have other ways to rest, such as singing, playing an instrument, window shopping, painting, dancing, getting themselves a gift, going to the movies, cooking, baking, shooting (yeah, that’s right haha), hunting, etc.

Whatever ends up helping you rest, it will empower you to realize that you’re not a victim of your circumstances. Life will not give you a chance to rest, you have to make time for it, work, and commit to it. But once you establish the time to take care of yourself, it’s going to be a lot more gratifying to have your work and responsibilities flow from rest instead of working for it.

If you have any comments, I would love to hear them! Until next time,


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