About Me

I’m not one to write, let alone have a blog. Yet I find myself in a very interesting chapter of my life in which having a clear path for my future (aka, knowing what I want to do when I grow up) has become less relevant and adventure and discovery have taken precedence.

I should probably also start by introducing myself =]. My name is Eric Lal, and I’m, well, just like everyone else lol. I have things that I like (love cooking, working out #gainz, outdoors and board sports, big hero six), and things that I dislike (heights-hate them, popcorn-super hate, traffic and dumb drivers-don’t even get me started). I have things that I worked towards (a college degree, a career), and things that I dream of (to simply travel the world and meet people). And like everyone else, I have things that I prioritize and love doing (hanging out with friends, helping people out, going on adventures) and things that, well, I would like to be good at (diet-gross, finances #adulting, play the guitar-one day).

At this point of my existence though, what I thought I liked and wanted for my life is just not. Along the way of pursuing a college degree and my desired career (eight years, nbd) I made choices that empowered me to let go of past hurts, learned how to take care of myself and ultimately, rediscovered who I was and questioned the path I was taking. The decision remained… would I dare to throw everything I achieved away for another dream, a dream that even though makes me feel alive, I have no idea how I would achieve it? YES. Having arrived to this point, I’ve also realized that I’m not the only one desiring this change… I’m not the only one that feels stuck. I simply started this blog to invite people to join in my process, share what I learn along the way, and hopefully empower people to be free from things that holds them down.